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SETH conducts its business based on moral principles and professional ethics, safeguarding respect, integrity and trust, and enabling transparency of the business.

Thus, Seth's Social Responsibility and labour relations policy complies with all the requirements of SA8000, and also with the Civil Construction Collective Bargaining Agreement, the principles of the International Labour Organisation, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the rules and regulations applicable to its business.

Through its Social Responsibility Policy, Seth ensures compliance with various legal, social and moral commitments towards its employees, customers and society in general. Read our Code of Conduct.


In decision-taking there is a constant concern for the community and future generations, respect for human rights, investment in personal development, environmental protection, compliance with social norms and respect for the ethical values and principles of our society.


Seth intends, within the construction industry, to improve competitiveness and profitability in a sustainable way, using the appropriate human, technological and natural resources.


Respect for the Environment

SETH is proud to have implemented eco-efficiency measures at its head office. From the outset it was assumed that the protection and conservation of the environment was a concern, not only for the need to meet the requirements of applicable legislation but also one that called for an effort to apply the principles of sustainable development. To this end, all employees are committed to fulfilment of the Environmental Policy and of the rules established in the Environmental Management System implemented.


Supporting Community

Through its sponsorship at various levels Seth has long made donations to various institutions engaged in humanitarian and solidarity activities at home and abroad. For the company this sponsorship is not only for the short-term purpose of image or financial return, but is mainly put into practice with the clear understanding that it serves the needs of civil society.


Of the support granted by means of sponsorship, we would highlight:

APCA - Portuguese Access Class Association

Seth supports APCA (Portuguese Access Class Association), a non-profit NGODP (non-governmental association for disabled persons), the aim of which is to promote Access Class Sail and to provide its technical management as an adapted-sail sport. Seth sponsors the "SETH Sail" project, which aims to divulge and promote adapted sailing up and down the country.


Of the recent donations we would underscore:

Um Pequeno Gesto Uma Grande Ajuda

Um Pequeno Gesto Uma Grande Ajuda is a legally-recognised non-profit NGOD, (Non-governmental Organisation for Development), which has acted in Mozambique (Gaza Province) since 2004. Its structure and intervention have been growing and nowadays it directly supports more than 900 children through the Sponsorship Programme, enhancing it with projects in areas such as Education, Infrastructure, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainability.
As of the date of this protocol, Seth and UPG have agreed to direct the funds generated within the scope of the said partnership to the annual co-financing of the School Feeding Programme at the Santa Luisa de Marillac (SLM) school at Manjangue, Chokwe, Mozambique.