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Reserva Quinta do Lago, Algarve

Customer: Quinta Reserva, SA

Cost: EUR 23.100.000,00

Project Manager: Manuel Garcia

Construction date: 2017 - 2018

Notes: Job in consortium – Construction of tourist apartments, residents' club and exterior arrangements.

Quay and Breakwater, Cabinda

Customer: Mota-Engil Angola

Cost: USD 17.000.000,00

Project Manager: João Melo

Construction date: 2017 - 2018

Notes: Obra em consórcio

Jetty for Export of Bauxite, Kamsar, Guinea

Customer: RUSAL ( COBAD) / RTI Limited

Cost: EUR 5.878.120,00

Project Manager: Idalina Alves

Construction date: 2017 - 2018


Industrial Storage / Warehouse S2-S3

Customer: SAPEC AGRO, SA

Cost: EUR 1.840.000,00

Project Manager: José Jerónimo

Date: 2015 - 2016

Notes: Area of developement, 4100 m2

Kamsar Container Terminal, Phase III, Guinea Conakry

Customer: GAC - Guinea Alumina Corporation

Cost: EUR 12.401.909,85

Project Manager: Idalina Alves

Date: 2015 - 2016

Notes: All works were done by Seth.

North Mole Extension – Caisson Solution, Port of Gibraltar

Customer: Casais, SA

Cost: EUR 11.750.000,00 

Project Manager: Manuel Garcia

Date: 2014 - 2015

Notes: Subcontracting – the final Customer is the Government of Gibraltar

Operate and maintain Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant

Customer: United States Air Force

Cost: EUR 561.645,95

Project Manager: Pedro Costa

Date: 2012-2017

Notes: WTP and WWTP Operation w/ ref. 12-182, renewable annually for a 5 years period

Widening the River Bank and New Ribeira das Naus Avenue

Customer: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Cost: EUR 3.124.075,59

Project Manager: Jose Jeronimo

Construction date: 2012-2013

Notes: Redevelopment of the public space and infrastructure in historical zone of Lisbon (Portugal).

New advanced embankment in the beach of Mindelo city - Porto Grande, São Vicente, Cabo Verde

Customer: MITTCape Verde

Cost: EUR 14.309.000,00

Project Manager: Carlos Leal

Construction date: 2013-2014

Notes: increasing the seaport of Porto Grande and significant increase in dry area of Laginha beach.

Works of dredging in the basin of PAENAL shipyards - Porto Amboim, Angola

Customer: PAENAL – Porto Amboim Estaleiros Navais, Limited

Cost: EUR 1.000.000,00

Project Manager: João Melo

Construction date: 2013

Notes: Dredging (650.000 m3) and remove of sundry equipment.

Contract for the execution of the electricity supply in Mozambique

Customer: EDM – Electricidade de Moçambique

Cost: EUR 70.000.000,00

Project Manager: Pedro Sousa

Construction date: Start December, 2013… (job in progress)

Notes: Job in consortium. Establishment of 240 kilometres of high-tension transmission lines.